Music Video - 2 day shoot

Music Video - 2 day shoot


Get a music video that is shot over two days on one camera in up to five locations ( within 50kms of Auckland ). Includes motion graphics, special effects and slow motion and up to ten changes to the initial edit. Talk to us at or buy now and we’ll contact you.

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If you have a single you wish to promote and firm ideas about up to five locations near Auckland - this is a good solution for you.

Save money by providing your own props, costumes, makeup artist and hairdresser.

Includes special effects, motion graphics, slow motion and a one week edit with up to ten changes you can make to refine your video.

The shoot can be scheduled during weekends to ensure everyone can attend. We will try to fit in with you. 

Talk to us about your creative ideas at or buy now and we will contact you.