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Music Video


A one day shoot with one camera in up to three locations within 50km of Auckland. You save by supplying your own hair dresser and makeup artist, props and costumes. You can make up to five changes to the initial edit of your music video without any further costs. Contact us at to talk about it or buy now and we'll contact you. 

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If you have a single you wish to promote and you need a video produced quickly - this is the solution you've been looking for. 

This is a no fuss, work together, quick turn around music video service that will get the results you need to hit the right mark with your target audience. This includes motion graphics, some special effects and some slow motion where appropriate. 

Most bands, singers and artists don't have a huge budget but most video production is too expensive. 

This is the answer. Package includes a one day shoot on one camera at up to three locations ( within 50km from Auckland ), a one week edit that includes special effects, motion graphics and some slow motion. You get to make up to five changes to the initial edit to refine your video without it costing anything extra. Contact us to talk more. 

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